This is the new home for my writings both past & present.  Here you will find my perspectives on ancestral Germanic religion, magic, martial arts, society, and whatever else I deem fit to place here.

Since these subjects come up in my writing, let me clear a few things up for you:

  • I believe in the objective existence of my ancestral gods, and I don’t believe that they’re merely personifications of natural forces or abstract ideas.
  • I believe in the existence of magic, and its power to cause change in the world. I don’t view magic as mere “positive thinking,” or mere coincidence.  I believe that magic can be used to help one’s friends, and curse one’s enemies.

I don’t  argue these points, as these perspectives are mine, and based solely upon my personal experiences. I have no interest spending my time & energy trying to convince you, and if you’re of a mind to argue these points, look elsewhere for a sparring partner.

Some of my perspectives might  anger you, but unless you’re a prick, that’s not my intention (I admit, I take pleasure in pissing off an asshole or two with some of the things I say.) I hope that you are able glean something useful from these writings & perspectives, as that’s what they’re here for.

~Hildolf Von Eisenwald